Otis’s Big Day!

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Otis had a big day today. Otis is my daughter’s 2 1/2 month old Cavalier King Charles puppy. He went to the Veterinarian for some shots. Then, he came over to our house to meet our dogs for the first time.

My daughter held him closely as she brought him into our house. Nemo, our 9 1/2 month old chipapiranian (half chihuahua, part papillon and part pomeranian mix), jumped all over my daughter as she came in the house with us.  He jumped at least a foot in the air because he was so happy to see her. This was not unusual. He customarily greets the people in his “tribe” in this fashion. He didn’t notice the puppy at first. Some of the papillons greeted us too.

She sat down on a chair with Otis in her arms. Our older papillons weren’t too interested in the puppy. Nemo was very interested. He was scared but curious at first. I picked up Nemo and let him look and sniff Otis. Nemo growled a little. I put Nemo on the floor and he started scratching the floor. This may have been a territorial gesture or else he was trying to act tough.

Nemo jumped on the chair to get behind my daughter and the puppy. He was excited but cautious to meet this new puppy. He approached Otis from behind while we supervised and gave positive reinforcement. He sniffed like crazy!

Nemo explored Otis starting from his back end and sniffing him all the way up his body. Meanwhile, laid-back Otis just watched and waited as Nemo sniffed him while sitting in my daughter’s arms. Eventually, after a lot of exploring by Nemo, they licked one another. They started bonding a little. Nemo might soon have another playmate closer to his age.

We introduced the papillons to Otis. They weren’t as curious as Nemo. Otis watched as our dogs played fetch with some squeaky toys. He looked like he wanted to join in on the fun! He’s not ready to play with the big boys yet. Maybe next time!

When my daughter left with Otis, Nemo jumped on the chair and watched out the window. He even cried a little. Their first meeting was a success! We can’t wait until Otis comes back again to play!


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