Ode to Cleo

Right after Christmas,

16 years ago,

We welcomed a puppy.

Her name is Cleo.

She came from Kansas,

And flew to Buffalo.

We picked her up from the airport,

In 5 feet of snow.

“My puppy!” yelled Tessa,

When we brought Cleo home.

We went over to her crate,

To meet our new papillon.

She had butterfly ears,

That stood straight and tall,

And a black and white body,

That was really quite small.

She joined Marcus the Ragdoll,

And our Bichon, Mickey.

In no time at all,

She was part of our family.

Fourteen years ago,

She had four puppies.

Frodo,  Patches

Pippin and Lucky.

We found homes,

For Lucky and Frodo.

Now, we had,

Three dogs total.

Cleo was a good mom,

To Patches and Pippin.

She watched over them,

Snuggled and licked them.

Two years later,

She had two more.

Champ found a home.

Spot made four.

Papillons are loyal,

And they really like to bark.

Nemo joined the four,

With Cleo as matriarch.

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